Stefano Mattia
Groningen, July 2014
Groningen, July 2014

I’m going on a weekend trip to Oslo tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be traveling alone with my Contax T3 or Leica M6 – still have to decide about that – and a bunch of Kodak Portra 160 rolls. I’d be super happy to meet fellow tumblr bloggers and photographers for a nice chat over a coffee or a city walk, email me if you’re in town!

jb9000 asked: «Hey Stefano. I really enjoy your photos! They're a pleasure to look at. I noticed you shoot with a ricoh gr1 and a contax t3 a lot. Both are cameras that I keep looking into and will probably own some day (a little too expensive at the moment). I was wondering if you prefer one over the other.»

Hey! Thanks!

The Ricoh GR1s and the Contax T3 are awesome little cameras, I love them both. I have a slight preference for the T3 because of its 35mm lens, which I find more “easy” to use than the Ricoh’s 28mm lens. You need to compose your photos carefully with a 28mm, otherwise you risk to include too much in the picture and end up with uninteresting photos. In the end you can’t possibly go wrong with either, and if I were you I would buy one depending on which focal length I prefer, 28mm vs. 35mm. I’ve been shooting all my summer vacation rolls with the T3 so I guess it’s time to start using my GR1s again now, she must be feeling a bit neglected lately.

minazamina asked: «Hi there, I just wanted to ask, how do you get such soft white light in your outside street photos? Do you do a lot of post-processing on them? Also I had a question - what is your tumblr theme and how can I find one like it :P Thank you, and keep going with the good work!! Your photos look absolutely beautiful :)»

Hi! I don’t do much post-processing, especially on my film photos. What you see is what I get from the scanner, plus minor contrast/levels/white balance tweaks. I usually avoid shooting outdoor scenes when the sun shines hot (and the wind blows cold), I prefer cloudy days. Not a big fan of hard shadows (and sunburns).

My theme is a custom theme I’ve been working for years: I was not happy with any of the available themes so I decided to make one myself. It looks clean and minimalist, but it’s getting old and I’ve seen pretty awesome themes around lately.

Thank you for your nice message!

Flight AZ407
In a Chinese restaurant in The Hague
Paris, July 2014
Damiano was so kind as to show me around Paris, and take me to the less beaten paths. Thanks Damiano!
Paris, July 2014
Paris, July 2014
Amsterdam, July 2014
Rotterdam, July 2014
Rome, February 2014
Somewhere in AmsterdamJune 2014
Bar Ascot OperaParis, July 2014

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