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Damiano was so kind as to show me around Paris, and take me to the less beaten paths. Thanks Damiano!
Paris, July 2014
Paris, July 2014
Amsterdam, July 2014
Rotterdam, July 2014
Rome, February 2014
Somewhere in AmsterdamJune 2014
Bar Ascot OperaParis, July 2014
Shoeless, at Galeries LafayetteParis, July 2014
Paris, July 2014
Paris, July 2014
27 Jul 2014
Paris, July 2014
Anonymous asked: «Sounds like you're a man with a plan. Sadly, I live nowhere near Netherlands and won't be able to know how lovely the area is. I only aspire to have a life as I interesting as yours. What types of photographs do you like to take?»

Thanks! I definitely have some sort of plan: stay healthy and fit, travel as much as possible, do some good to other people around me, and try to befriend my neighbors’ big black cat. Does it still sound as an interesting life? 

I would love to have a clear and concise answer to your question about what types of photos I like to take but I’m afraid I don’t have one. Let’s just say I like to document the life around me and that the photos I am more satisfied with are the ones I took of people I care about.

By the way, why are you anonymous?

Anonymous asked: «Ciao. Complimenti per le foto! :) .. Di recente mi sto appassionando alla fotografia. Ho sempre scattato con una mini fotocamera digitale, ma ora ho deciso di lasciarla per qualcosa di più serio, una Reflex. Hai qualche modello non troppo complesso da consigliarmi? Grazie!»

Non saprei come consigliarti perché non seguo più da tempo il mercato delle reflex digitali. Ti consiglierei di considerare l’acquisto di una reflex solo nel caso hai assolutamente bisogno di obiettivi intercambiabili e non hai soldi da spendere per le mirrorless più evolute come la Fuji X-T1 o X-E2.
Altrimenti, una compatta come la Fuji X100, a ottica fissa, è una scelta più che ottima per quasi tutte le situazioni e si trova usata a 4-500 euro, ed è così leggera e minuta che potresti portarla sempre con te, che è ciò che conta veramente.

Anonymous asked: «You lied!! That's still cool regardless. So how's it going»

I didn’t lie, I even updated my about page as soon as I moved here.

It’s going well, I have been quite busy in the past few months: new house, new city, new country, new job, new life. It takes some time to get things settled down. 

Now I seem to have reached some sort of routine. Early in the morning, I get on my bike and ride to work. It’s a beautiful ride, along the canals, the woods, the countryside. It’s a really joyous experience. 

During the weekend, I visit cities nearby: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, there’s always something new to do and to see.
Friends come to see me during the weekends and I go to see them. 

All in all it’s a happy and relaxed life.

I found out that Hema can develop my rolls for 2,95 euros, and I borrowed a super nice scanner from my photo club at work, so I’m pretty much set up from a photography point of view. 

I’m thinking of further shrinking my photography equipment (I sold half of my cameras before leaving Italy) and stay with 3-4 cameras only (does anyone in Holland need a Fuji X100 or a like-new Contax T2?).

So that’s it: it’s going well!

I would love to get in touch with Dutch photographers, perhaps to have a nice photo walk together or a relaxed chat over a cup of coffee, do message me if you live in the Netherlands and want to meet up!

Anonymous asked: «How's it like living in Rome?»

I live in the Netherlands

Anonymous asked: «Bacon or Pizza?»

Pizza tutta la vita!

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