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Hey there!

I’m Stefano, and I love photography.

I currently live in the Netherlands and I’m having a good time.

All the photos on this blog are taken by me with my film cameras: 

Leica M6

Ricoh GR1s

Contax T3,

Lomo LC-Wide,

Pentax MX,  

Leica M6 TTL (sold),

Leica M2 (sold)

Minolta CLE (sold),

Lomo LC-A (sold),

Konica Hexar AF (sold)

and my recently acquired Fujifilm X100 and Ricoh GR for digital photography.

Feel free to reblog them if you like - provided your blog contains no ads! - but credit must be retained. Commercial use of any of the photos on this blog is not allowed. If you intend to do so send me an email, I’m sure we can find an agreement.

Also, I’m always thrilled to receive questions and comments about my photos, photography in general and everything else. My ask box is always open for that, don’t be shy and talk!

Oh, here are some additional links for you: my portfolio website and my flickr page. For those interested, some prints are available.

I am also the creator of the Photographers Directory project on Tumblr.

Keep smiling!

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