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Anonymous asked: «You lied!! That's still cool regardless. So how's it going»

I didn’t lie, I even updated my about page as soon as I moved here.

It’s going well, I have been quite busy in the past few months: new house, new city, new country, new job, new life. It takes some time to get things settled down. 

Now I seem to have reached some sort of routine. Early in the morning, I get on my bike and ride to work. It’s a beautiful ride, along the canals, the woods, the countryside. It’s a really joyous experience. 

During the weekend, I visit cities nearby: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, there’s always something new to do and to see.
Friends come to see me during the weekends and I go to see them. 

All in all it’s a happy and relaxed life.

I found out that Hema can develop my rolls for 2,95 euros, and I borrowed a super nice scanner from my photo club at work, so I’m pretty much set up from a photography point of view. 

I’m thinking of further shrinking my photography equipment (I sold half of my cameras before leaving Italy) and stay with 3-4 cameras only (does anyone in Holland need a Fuji X100 or a like-new Contax T2?).

So that’s it: it’s going well!

I would love to get in touch with Dutch photographers, perhaps to have a nice photo walk together or a relaxed chat over a cup of coffee, do message me if you live in the Netherlands and want to meet up!

Anonymous asked: «How's it like living in Rome?»

I live in the Netherlands

Anonymous asked: «Bacon or Pizza?»

Pizza tutta la vita!

Selfies in ParisJuly 2014
The tigerAmsterdam, June 2014
Leiden, June 2014
On our train back homeThe Hague, June 2014
Anonymous asked: «What languages do you speak?»

Italian, English, a bit of French, a tiny bit of German, and I’m starting learning Dutch. Why do I get all these anonymous asks all of a sudden?

Due to its fragility, the Japanese garden can be visited only during a short period of the year. The Hague, May 2014
Due to its fragility, the Japanese garden can be visited only during a short period of the year. The Hague, May 2014
Amsterdam, May 2014
Anonymous asked: «Do you have kik ?»

No, do you?

The HagueMay 2014
King’s DayAmsterdam, April 2014
leonor-spadari asked: «complimenti!foto incredibilmente belle..rapiscono.. e trasmettono emozioni sorprendenti!bravissimo.»

Grazie ^_^

The Hague, May 2014

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